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About Us

There are so many things happens in one's life but some things are always special and worth remember. Capturing those precious events like Wedding, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Family Gatherings etc. These couple of hour event gives you the memories of Lifetime to cherish.
Memories Rejuvenate are here for you since 1988 serving best services for not only capturing your events but also helps you to re-live all your memories with its digitization service for your old  tapes, photography films, old B&W photographs, transparencies, audio tapes etc..
Now a days capturing anything and everything has become very easy and convenient for all of us with just one click and we can see and enjoy it whenever and wherever.
But there was a time when we used to capture our memories with our very own Cameras. Moments which are not planned or arranged, like.... first time you met someone special or went on holiday with family and friends or your first born took her/his first steps or your children graduation, many such moments like those for which we live for, those has been captured by us in one or the other ways.
As time passed we have updated our lifestyle with the latest technology and latest equipment but in that race we have lost a touch to our old memories. So here we are making tremendous amount efforts for you and for your memories to live with you forever on your fingertips...

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